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What a nice name to be given to a city!

As one of the source says:

“The name probably derives from the Slavic word ‘ljubit’, which means ‘to love’ but, ‘ljubljana’ means The Beloved.”

After Zagreb, we took one and half hour car drive to arrive in Ljubljana. Ljubljana is a city from a fairy tale with its castle at the top, the houses and narrow streets from middle ages. It is very quiet and peaceful.  The castle is at the top of the island  which is  in the middle of Ljubljanica River. The bridges are the beautiful ornaments of the city. There are several bridges over Ljubljanica River. The most important ones are: Triple Bridge, Shoemaker’s/Cobbler’s Bridge and Dragon Bridge.

Ljubljana in the 18th century

The dragon has long been a symbol of Ljubljana. The origin of this city’s symbol can be traced to the myth of Jason and the Argonauts, who supposedly encountered the Ljubljana dragon on their way to the Adriatic Sea by way of the Danube and Ljubljanica Rivers. Ljubljana Dragon, who benevolently protects the city of Ljubljana and is pictured in the city’s coat of arms.

Coat of Arms - Ljubljana

Coat of Arms – Ljubljana

While I was waiting for my friends, I witnessed a wedding in front of the Town Hall. The guests were waiting for the bride and the groom. One of the guests gave me one palm of rice to throw over the couple to bless their marriage with happiness and richness in love, children, money etc.

wedding in front of the Town Hall

I met with my friends on the Triple Bridge. We climbed up to the castle together. It was an easy walk and you see the panoramic view of the city as you rise. The castle is open until 9 p.m. There are many restaurants inside the castle garden. We visited the clock tower and the church of the castle. We took the lift while leaving the castle.

You should chill out along Ljubljanica River and drink something before you leave the city. The next morning we were on the way back to home via Trieste.


  • Duration: One day is enough for sightseeing in Ljubljana.
  • Transportation: I arrived to Ljubljana from Zagerb via rental car. It takes 1 and half hour by car. Do not forget to buy Vignette since you will use Slovenia’a highway.
  • Accomodation: I stayed in Vila Veselova. It is one of the nicest hostels I have ever stayed, clean and cosy. It takes 5 mins to main square on foot. You can walk to everywhere in Ljubljana.
  • Eat: Walnut potica
  • Drink:  Laško
  • Watch: The panoramic view of Ljubljana from the castle

(Visne Kiraz April 2012)

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Before I went to Brazil, we had already bought plane tickets to Venice Treviso for visiting Zagreb and Ljubljana. It is 245 km from Treviso Airport to Ljubljana, and 140 km from Ljubljana to Zagreb. After we arrived to the airport via Transavia, we took a rental car and our road trip had started. My friend from Greece was in a project in Belgrade and he took a five-hour-bus journey to come to Zagreb and his trip started this way.

I always like Italy’s landscape. I remember it as soon as we landed on Treviso. While we were on the road to Zagreb, Slovenia’s landscape was amazing. Since we were coming from the west, the sunshine was on the small houses with a dark blue mountains and light green trees in the background.

Please do not forget to buy Vignette which is toll sticker for passing through highways in Slovenia.  If you do not buy it, you may have to pay 300€ for fine in random checks.

We arrived to Zagreb around 8 p.m. I stayed in Hobo Bear Hostel  which is very close to street Ilica. When you follow the Ilica Street you will arrive to main square of Zagreb called Trg Bana Josipa Jelačića. After I settled down in my room, I went out to eat some pizza. Italian food in Zagreb is very delicious. You can find many restaurants around the main square. The nights are very live In Zagreb. There are many people on the streets towards midnight. Croatians like going out at nights. The bars have seats in the streets. If the weather is good, you can chill out in also outside of the bar. I went to Alcatraz Cafe Bar  with my Turkish and Greek friends.  I liked the Croatian pop-rock music. The only thing that I did not enjoy was that smoking was allowed inside the closed places.

The new town of Zagreb was planned by a Croatian engineer Milan Lenuci in horseshoe shape in late 19th century. It is called Lenucijeva Potkova. Lunic Horseshoe If you follow the horseshoe shape route, you can discover new part of Zagreb very easily in 2 hours. However, you can stay longer if you want to enjoy parks, squares, and big avenues. When we were there, it was tulip time and we took many tulip photos. You should enter to Botanic Garden while travelling through the horse shoe. It has a lovely atmosphere.

Towards the noon, we met with our friend from Croatia. I informed him about our visit. Me, my Greek friend and he attended a training in Athens in fall 2009. This was a kind of reunion. We met with his fiancée too. They have a  wedding this August. I hope I have a chance to go and take their photos. They took us and told many things about Old Town (Upper town or Gornji Gradic) in Zagreb. We watched a soldier duty change ceremony. I felt like I was in old times. Two of the soldiers were riding horses. After praying in front of Holy Mother under Blood Bridge , they walked to the Parliament building and ceremony continued there. I saw the Museum of Broken Relationships  but I did not have a time to see it. It seemed very interesting. As my friend said there  are objects which  represent all the stages of a breakup. I hope I visit it one day. We drank something in upper town. The place reminded me Notting Hill in London. There were many colourful old houses and cafes in front of them.

When we were in Zagreb, there was a market in the main square where villagers bring their own products and sell them. I saw many Turkish words like borek, tepsi that they are sign of Ottoman effect. Moreover, Turkish soap operas very popular in Croatia as well as In Greece or Syria. My friend’s fiancé asked some Turkish traditions based on her impressions while watching them. When we talked about wedding, we realised how much customs look like each other. I grabbed a piece of borek with potatoes. Yorgo tried traditional soups and bought some goat cheese.

As soon as the rain clouds arrived to Zagreb from Ljubljana, we were leaving Zagreb for Ljubljana…


  • Duration: One day is enough for sightseeing in Zagreb
  • Transportation: I arrived to Zagreb from Treviso Airport via rental car. It takes 4 hours by car. Do not forget to buy Vignette since you will use Slovenia’a highway.
  • Accomodation: I stayed in Hobo Bear Hostel which is very close to Ilca Street. It takes 5 mins to main square on foot. You can walk everywhere in Zagreb.
  • Eat: Pizza, borek
  • Drink: Karlovačko
  • Watch: Soldier change ceremony in front of the Parliament

(Visne Kiraz April 2012)

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